This is a list of my mathematical publications to date. The co-authors marked below are pictured elsewhere.

[77] Splitting properties in archimedean l-groups (with P. Conrad and O. Kenny), J. Austral. Math. Soc. 23 (1977), 247-256.

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[94b] Number Theory Horseshoes (with S. Janke and J. Watkins), Mathematics Teacher 87(1994), 669.

[98] Turning Lights Out with Linear Algebra (with T. Feil), Mathematics Magazine 71(1998), 300-303.

[04] Sherlock Holmes in Babylon and Other Tales of Mathematical History (with Victor Katz and Robin Wilson), MAA, Washington D.C., 2004.

[05] A First Course in Abstract Algebra: Rings, Groups and Fields (with T. Feil), Chapman & Hall, 2005 (a major revision of [94a]). 

[06] Book Review of Musings of the Masters, Historica Mathematica, 2006.  

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