Some of our friends

Kaylyn Sievert and Karen Greco (pictured on July 4th with Tobee) are our very best friends:

Marc Lipman and Rhys Price Jones are helping me consume cereal malt beverage, and retard the effect of gravity on a silver ball, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, circa 1979.

Here Audrey is celebrating a new patch with our friend and scuba mentor, Rona Culp.

All of our friends sooner or later make to Sky Sox Stadium with us. This group includes Mark Merriman and CC colleague Dave Roeder in the back row, and CC colleague & co-author Steven Janke, Deborah Janke and Audrey in the front row.

A beautiful day on a Florida beach, enjoyed by Kaylyn Sievert, Chris Lee, myself, John Roberts & Karen Greco.

Here is a typical scene at the venerable Carl Roberts Poker Game, which in this picture is taking place in the gaming room at the Anderson house. Pictured are Carl himself, together with math colleague (& regular Keg visitor) Fred Tinsley, Sal Bizarro of the Romance Languages department, and Barry Sarchett of the English department.

Here is another card-playing group, this time at a blackjack table in Cripple Creek: Karen, Kaylyn, Jackie, Julie, Marlow & Audrey.

This festive group was considering an ill-advised wade in the lake, on the evening Audrey & I were married. Present are Marc Lipman, David A. Legg , Stephan Carlson, Rhys Price Jones, myself, Todd Feil and my brother Nolan.

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