Professional Interests:



I've written a number of mathematical papers.

I've also written two books, with my good friend Todd Feil, of Denison University in Granville, Ohio. In addition, I have editted a collection of MAA papers on mathematical history with Robin Wilson and Victor Katz.

Erdos Numbers

An amusing game played in the mathematical community is to examine the collaboration graph of mathematicians: two mathematicians are linked in the graph if they have written a published paper or book together. Since Paul Erdos has about 475 co-authors, most published mathematicians are eventually linked to him; your Erdos number is the number of links you are away from him. A small piece of the Colorado College collaboration graph is interesting to look at! Colorado College faculty and students are shaded.

Mathematical Genealogy

Here are some pictures of my mathematical "ancestors". An interesting website where you can trace the mathematical ancestry of many mathematicians is the Mathematical Genealogy Project .

Personal Interests

For some other things I'm interested in, you should visit my Personal Page.

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