Some of my co-authors

Here Todd Feil and I are skiing at Monarch. We have been good friends and collaborators ever since we met years ago, when Todd spent a couple of years at KU, before finishing his Ph. D. under Charles Holland.

Here is a picture taken at Paul Conrad's retirement conference, featuring Paul and some of his Ph. D. students. Pictures are Anderson, Martinez, Bleier, Conrad, Darnel, Holland, Nelson & Chen. Co-authors of mine in the picture are Jorge Martinez, Paul Conrad and Mike Darnel.

Steve Carlson, John Watkins and I are taking our ease in Terre Haute, Indiana. John is a CC colleague and co-author. While Steve is not a co-author, he was my graduate school mentor in drinking beer, playing pinball, rooting for KU and becoming a good graduate student.

Below are my immediate predecessor and successor, as students of Paul Conrad. To the left is my graduate school roommate and ring theorist David Lantz, with Paul student Otis KennyTo the right is Pat Bixler.

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