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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for questions students have asked concerning the course. Please e-mail the instructors with any further questions you might have, and answers will be posted here.


I was wondering if we needed to bring towels and sheets on the trip? The dormitory facilities at the Hopkins Center in Nanjing provide sheets and towels, as will the accomodations in Shanghai, so you don't need to bring them.

What will the laundry situation look like? The Hopkins Center has laundry facilities, where the cost is three yuan per load. In Shanghai, commercial laundry facilities are located a short walk from the hotel.

What is your opinion on computers - do you recommend brining them or not? That depends on how dependent you are on the internet to survive. The Hopkins center provides both wireless connections and wired connections in the dorm rooms. Occasionally the wired connections are faster, so if you plan to use them bring your own ethernet cord. There are also internet cafes throughout most Chinese cities, though rates may vary. Because of the problematic logistics of printing, course assignments will be accepted in written form.

I was wondering what happened to  Wei Hui, Shanghai Baby (Robinson Publishing, 2003). Do we still need this book?
The bookstore was unable to obtain copies of Shanghai Baby for our course. Instead, we have ordered Leo Ou-fan Lee's Shanghai Modern (Harvard, 1999). That makes a total of three books: Iris Chang's Rape of Nanking and Jeff Wasserstrom's Global Shanghai, 1850-2010.

How will we get to the airport, and what should we bring? We have arranged for a CC bus to take students to the airport from Armstrong Hall on Friday, April 16. The bus will leave at 6:45 am sharp. If you miss it, you miss the trip!

Who will I room with? That is up to you -- we think it best if you choose your own roommate. Note that your roommate will be the first link in the 'buddy system' we will use to make sure everyone is okay and accounted for. Thus, we will expect you to look out for your roomate and vice-versa. Hong has arranged very nice hotel accomodations for us on all our field trips, though the exigencies of budget mean that for a few of these there may be occasions where a student will have to double up for a triple.