PC 450 --- Senior Seminar

Instructor: Stephanie DiCenzo x6218 Barnes 222

Other helpful and important people:

Nathaniel (paraprof) x8262 Olin 262A + + + + Jeff Steele (tech director) x6582 Olin 254

Purpose: Our plan is that you will emerge from this course able to explain physics to others. This means we will work on your  presentation skills, which is another way of saying we will develop your abilities in public speaking. We will also improve your knowledge of physics, and make sure you know how to improve that knowledge yourselves.

Requirements: The most important requirement of this course is the seminar you will present later in the semester. Most of your course grade will depend on this seminar. However, there will be other assignments, which must be completed satisfactorily and which will contribute to your grade. These will include participation in a Cool Science program.

Schedule of class meetings, etc.