Nathan W. Bower

Chemistry and Biochemistry, Colorado College

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I have a variety of research interests, including optimization of methods, archaeochemistry, and chemical ecology.  (For examples, see Publications and Presentations at Professional Meetings.)

I also teach a variety of courses, including:

CH 107-General Chemistry I, which includes The Periodic Table, Stoichiometry, and Structure and Bonding.

CH 108-General Chemistry II, which includes Kinetics, Equilibria, Thermodynamics, Acids and Bases, and Redox Chemistry

CH 113-History of Chemistry: Alchemy & Art, which includes a survey of the origins of chemistry from the Stone Age to the Present, touching upon the contributions from alchemy as well as our ways of knowing that history, including examples from art, psychology, and archaeology.

CH241-Introduction to Analytical Chemistry, which includes Sample Preparation, Data Analysis, Complex Equilibria, and Chromatographic, Electrochemical, and Spectroscopic Measurements

CH342-Instrumental Methods, which includes an Introduction to Electronics, Computer Interfacing, Chemometrics, and Multicomponent Instrumental Techniques

CH401/2-Selected Advanced Topics, including "Art Conservation Chemistry," "Archaeological Chemistry," and "Fate and Transport of Chemicals in the Environment".  (These are senior courses available by mutual arrangement, and they include selected readings and laboratory in a directed research format.)