I was a Fulbright Specialist in Myanmar in 2016, teaching innovation and entrepreneurship. I teach Markets and Morality in August-October, Macroeconomic Theory in December and April, and Public Policy in March. A coauthor and I wrote a paper that predicts Olympic medal counts with surprising accuracy. Details under the "Research" tab. Yale asked me to do a TEDx talk, so here's a presentation on Simplicity and Changing the World.

I am a Professor of Economics at Colorado College.

TEDx Talk

I have a TEDx talk out, courtesy of Yale University. It's about simplicity in economic models. Enjoy!

Olympic Research

I constructed a surprisingly accurate model that predicts a country's Olympic medal wins with 94% accuracy. It does not even take into account athletic abilities of any star Olympians. Check out the "Research" tab above for links to the paper and more details.

Serial Entrepreneur

I think it is important for researchers to experience real world applications so I started three companies. These companies are aimed to increase efficiency in their respective business areas.