Here are preprints of my papers.
"Resistance may be futile: dispersal scales and selection for disease resistance in competing plants"(pdf), by David Brown and Alan Hastings. Appeared in Journal of Theoretical Biology 222:373--388.
    "Modeling direct positive feedback between predators and prey"(pdf),
    by David Brown, Howard Ferris, Shenglei Fu, and Richard Plant.
    Appeared in Theoretical Population Biology 65:143-152.

    "The effects of disease dispersal and host clustering on the epidemic threshold in plants" (pdf), by David Brown and Benjamin Bolker.  Appeared in Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 66:341-371.

    "Inferring gene expression dynamics from reporter protein levels"(Word document), by David Brown and Phoebe Lostroh.  To appear in The Biotechnology Journal.