by Robert D. Loevy
Professor of Political Science (Retired)
Colorado College



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Chapter One
Contents - Preface - State
Legislative Redistricting in Colorado

Chapter Two
A Primer On Voting
Behavior In Colorado

Chapter Three
Voting Maps: Where
Gerrymandering Begins

Chapter Four

Gerrymandering To Increase Minority Representation

Chapter Five
Appointments To The 2011
Reapportionment Commission

Chapter Six
The Commission
Goes To Work

Chapter Seven
The Rise Of
"Super Mario"
Chapter Eight
The Statewide Public Hearings On The Preliminary Plan
Chapter Nine
The Rise Of
Competitive Districts
Chapter Ten
Final Adoption
Chapter Eleven
How To Get Steamrollered

Resubmitted Maps - Senate

Safe-Competitive Maps - Senate

Safe-Competitive Data - Senate

Chapter Twelve
Conclusions and Recommendations

Resubmitted Maps - House

Safe-Competitive Maps - House

Safe-Competitive Data - House

Note: The 2010 state Treasurer's election was used to determine Safe- Competitive seats by the Reapportionment Commission.

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