Small States First, Large States Last: Reforming The Presidential Election Process 2000 - By Robert Loevy

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Chapter One
Al Gore: The Barefoot Boy
from Washington, D.C.

Chapter Two
George W. Bush: The Almost Unanimous Choice

Chapter Three
The February Follies

Chapter Four


Chapter Five
New Hampshire

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven
South Carolina
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Virginia, Washington State, and North Dakota
Chapter Eleven
Washington State for the Democrats
Chapter Twelve
Titanic Tuesday

Chapter Thirteen

The Irrelevant Primaries

Chapter Fourteen
Reforming the Presidential Primaries

Chapter Fifteen
Justification for the Sports Playoff System

Chapter Sixteen
The Fading National Conventions

Chapter Seventeen

In the City of Brotherly Rioting

Chapter Eighteen
A Kiss In Time

Chapter Nineteen
Reforming the National Conventions

Chapter Twenty
Typecasting the Candidates

Chapter Twenty-One
Presidential Television Debates

Chapter Twenty-Two
The Year 2000 Presidential Debates

Chapter Twenty-Three
Reforming the Television Debates

Chapter Twenty-Four
The Distorting Effects of the Electoral College on Presidential Election Campaigns

Chapter Twenty-Five
The Bush and Gore "Short Lists"

Chapter Twenty-Six
The Night the Electoral College Failed

Chapter Twenty-Seven
Reforming the Electoral College


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